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Lifter's Name Thicia Acquisto Gender F
Club Hawthorn Weightlifting Club State VIC
Coach Kate Linford
Age Group Youth Weightlifting Age 17 (Born 2005)

Personal Bests


Competition History

VWA School League 243.6529396826/07/2019116.564UNGRADED
Victorian School Championships + Sport & Rec Cup + School League 343.90(+2) 31(+2) 41(+4) 7213/09/2019122.820K
HWC Championships 43.55(+3) 34(+4) 45(+7) 7913/12/2019135.686K
HWC Australia Day Open43.65(+3) 37(+6) 51(+9) 8825/01/2020150.847I
HWC Australia Day Open48.00(+6) 43(+7) 58(+13) 10130/01/2021160.094I
HWC Open 148.25(+1) 44(+2) 60(+3) 10410/04/2021164.174H
Victorian Senior Championships48.50(+1) 45(+0) 60(+1) 10524/04/2021165.080H
HWC Alby Dutton Memorial48.75(+1) 46(+0) 60(+1) 10610/07/2021165.982H

Competition Attempts

VWA School League 243.6525272933363929396826/07/2019
Victorian School Championships + Sport & Rec Cup + School League 343.9028303139414331417213/09/2019
HWC Championships 43.5530323441434534457913/12/2019
HWC Australia Day Open43.6535373945485137518825/01/2020
HWC Australia Day Open48.00404345535658435810130/01/2021
HWC Open 148.25424446555860446010410/04/2021
Victorian Senior Championships48.50404345566062456010524/04/2021
HWC Alby Dutton Memorial48.75434648586062466010610/07/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events886%84%85%
Higher Events (National/International)0---
All Events (Overall)883%88%85%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful0kg - 7 events-1kg - 7 events
When missed0kg - 0 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ41F45VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
SNATCH31F45VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
SNATCH31F45VICYouth13/Sep/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
TOTAL72F45VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
CJ45F45VICUnder 1513/Dec/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
SNATCH34F45VICUnder 1513/Dec/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
SNATCH34F45VICYouth13/Dec/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
TOTAL79F45VICUnder 1513/Dec/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
TOTAL79F45VICYouth13/Dec/2019Broken by Thicia Acquisto
CJ51F45AWFUnder 1525/Jan/2020Broken by Celine Huynh
CJ51F45VICUnder 1525/Jan/2020Current Record
CJ51F45VICYouth25/Jan/2020Current Record
SNATCH37F45VICUnder 1525/Jan/2020Broken by Isabella Lowe King
SNATCH37F45VICYouth25/Jan/2020Broken by Isabella Lowe King
SNATCH37F45AWFUnder 1525/Jan/2020Broken by Ciara Quinsee
TOTAL88F45VICUnder 1525/Jan/2020Current Record
TOTAL88F45VICYouth25/Jan/2020Current Record
TOTAL88F45AWFUnder 1525/Jan/2020Broken by Ciara Quinsee
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