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Vale Charlie Henderson

By Ashley McMahon on 17/12/2019

In memory of a good friend whom I have known for over 40 years in weightlifting.

It is with great sadness that I write a short story (weightlifting eulogy), of a truly great weightlifter who represented Australia, was a great man and ambassador of our sport.

Charlie recently passed away at the age of 96, in the Hunter Region of NSW surrounded by family and friends.

In weightlifting, Charlie represented Australia at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and at many more international events for Australia (whilst being a member of NSWWA).

During his heyday, he held many NSW and Australian senior records and went on to hold many World Masters Records.

In 1993, he was honoured as a life member (one of only 7 people) of NSWWA and in 2000 Charlie was award the NSW Sport, Masters Athletes of the Year Award - both truly deserving awards.

Charlie was an extraverted person, who never stopped short of telling a “good old story of yesteryear“ - and people would be bewildered by them and many times they would laugh non-stop.

I must say I have some great memories of Charlie and photos of him including, the NSW and Australian weightlifting team photo hanging at the NSW High Performance Gym at Olympic Park.

Charlie, thank you heaps for what you did for the sport, your jokes and happy go lucky attitude - you will be missed by many including me, my friend.


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