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Lifter's Name Darcy Elliston Gender F
Club Inner West Barbell Club State NSW
Coach Lincoln Bowman
Age Group U23 Weightlifting Age 23 (Born 1998)

Personal Bests


Competition History

President's Cup Grand Final63.1451641158/12/2018150.515I
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC262.70(+2) 53(+6) 70(+8) 1232/03/2019161.672I
WTI Senior Championships & PC363.40(+4) 57(+4) 74(+8) 1316/04/2019171.032H
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC462.30(+3) 60(+2) 76(+5) 13625/05/2019179.462G
Australian U20 & U23 Championships62.68567012616/08/2019165.647H
PC6 - Hobart62.75(+3) 63(+0) 76(+3) 1397/09/2019182.614G
Presidents Cup Final58.3506607/12/20190.000UNGRADED
Chris Chugg + PC158.9558741328/02/2020180.386G
NTWA Open and Masters Competition61.80557112619/07/2020167.094H
Shred Barbell Open Competition59.00617513631/01/2021185.750G
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition58.58607713720/03/2021187.993G

Competition Attempts

President's Cup Grand Final63.1445485164646851641158/12/2018
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC262.7049515365677053701232/03/2019
WTI Senior Championships & PC363.4051545768717457741316/04/2019
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC462.30566063737679607613625/05/2019
Australian U20 & U23 Championships62.68535659707474567012616/08/2019
PC6 - Hobart62.7556596372757663761397/09/2019
Presidents Cup Final58.3556565763666906607/12/2019
Chris Chugg + PC158.9555586171747758741328/02/2020
NTWA Open and Masters Competition61.80505255687175557112619/07/2020
Shred Barbell Open Competition59.00586161717579617513631/01/2021
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition58.58576060747779607713720/03/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1074%69%72%
Higher Events (National/International)167%33%50%
All Events (Overall)1173%67%70%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 8 events-4kg - 10 events
When missed-10kg - 2 eventsN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ74F64TASU2306/Apr/2019Broken by Darcy Elliston
SNATCH57F64TASU2306/Apr/2019Broken by Darcy Elliston
TOTAL131F64TASU2306/Apr/2019Broken by Darcy Elliston
CJ76F64TASU2325/May/2019Current Record
TOTAL136F64TASU2325/May/2019Broken by Darcy Elliston
SNATCH60F64TASU2325/May/2019Broken by Darcy Elliston
TOTAL139F64TASU2307/Sep/2019Current Record
SNATCH63F64TASU2307/Sep/2019Current Record
TOTAL132F59TASSenior08/Feb/2020Broken by Teegan Goding
TOTAL132F59TASU2308/Feb/2020Broken by
SNATCH58F59TASSenior08/Feb/2020Broken by Teegan Goding
SNATCH58F59TASU2308/Feb/2020Broken by
CJ74F59TASSenior08/Feb/2020Broken by Teegan Goding
CJ74F59TASU2308/Feb/2020Broken by
CJ75F59NSWU2331/Jan/2021Broken by Zoe De Gersigny
SNATCH61F59NSWU2331/Jan/2021Broken by Zoe De Gersigny
TOTAL136F59NSWU2331/Jan/2021Broken by Zoe De Gersigny
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